Dual Band Booster – Telstra - Calls & 3G – 1000 sqm (Power Line)

(Vodafone & Optus)

Bestseller Dual Band Booster – Telstra - Calls & 3G – 1000 sqm (Power Line)
  • Application:

    2 Band
  • Coverage:

    Up to 1000 sqm
  • Ideal For:

  • Provider:

  • Frequency:

    850/2100 MHz
  • Data:

    3G & Calls
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Benefits and Features:

  • Instant Signal Boost of up to 5 bars
  • CE & RoHS ISO Certified Product
  • Easy Installation
  • Instant Technical Assistance
  • 2 -Year Warranty

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Kit includes:

  • 1x repeater
  • 1x outdoor LDPA antenna
  • 2x indoor antenna
  • 1x power adapter
  • 1x 15 meters cable
  • 1x 5 meters cable
  • 1x 10 meters cable
  • 1x1 m cable
  • 2 way splitter
We provide 2 Years warranty on all our products
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If our standard package cable lenght is not enought to cover your area you have an upgrade option.
Upgrade your booster kit with our internal antenna for optimal performance in larger spaces.
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It’s hard enough coordinating a big business, but having to do that with bad connection quality is even harder. So this device is created to help you out of that mess.  If you have never installed one of these before, don’t worry. It’s easy enough to do, and it doesn’t require any special tools or professional skills. You’ll find all of the necessary components in your installation kit, along with the manual to guide you through the whole process. If you feel lost at any moment, we are here to help. Just contact our 24/7 customer support line and get the answers you need.  We want our customers to have the best possible experience, so there are no hidden fees, we offer you free delivery on all of our products and 2-year warranty, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Technical Sheet
  • Coverage
    Up to 1000 sqm
  • Use
    Overlarge Home
    Overlarge Office
    Large Hotel
  • Operator
    Telstra (Calls & 3G)
  • Frequency
    850/2100 MHz
  • Number of simultaneous users
  • Up-link
    791-821 MHz
    1920-1980 MHz
  • Down-link
    832-862 MHz
    2110-2170 MHz
  • Voltage
    AC90-264V,output DC 5V / 3A
  • Dimensions
    20 x 12 x 3.8 cm
  • Weight
    1.8 kg
  • Max Gain
    Up link :70db Downlink: 75dB
  • Output
    Up link 24dBm Downlink: 27dBm
  • MGC ( Step Attenuation )
    ≥ 31dB / 1dB step
  • Gain Flatness
    GSM & CDMA
  • Noise Figure
    ≤ 5dB
  • Group Delay
  • Spurious Emission & Output inter-modulation
    GSM Meet ETSI TS 151 026 V 6.1.0
    WCDMA Meet 3GPP TS 25.143 ( V 6.2.0 )
    CDMA Meet IS95 & CDMA2000
  • WCDMA System
    Spurious Emission Mask Meet 3GPP TS 25.143 ( V 6.2.0 )
    Modulation Accuracy ≤ 12.5%
    Peak Code Domain Error ≤ -35dB@Spreading Factor 256
  • CDMA System
    Rho ρ > 0.980
    ACPR Meet IS95 & CDMA2000
  • Function
    a) Power supply LED denote b) Export power LED denote
  • Automatic Level Control
    50Ω/N connector
  • VSWR
  • Frequency Stability
    ≤0.01 ppm
  • I /O Port
  • Impedance
    50 ohm
  • Operating Temperature
  • Environment Conditions
  • Dimensions
    200 x 120 x 38mm
  • Weight
  • Band 1 UL/P Band 2 UL/P Band 3 UL/P
    There are 3 UL/P LEDs to indicate respective frequency band’s up link working status or system warning state. Each UL/P LED takes the same indication meaning. The LED(s) is Dark when there are no phone calls in the coverage area or cell phone does not contact BTS. The LED(s) flashes in Red when there is a phone call in the coverage area, or cell phone contacts BTS periodically. Any of the 3 LEDs lighting in constant or solid Red indicates System Warning state. The repeater works in abnormal state or is self-oscillating.
  • Band 1 DL/P Band 2 DL/P Band 3 DL/P
    There are 3 DL/P LEDs to indicate respective frequency band’s down link working status. Each DL/P LED takes the same indication meaning. The LED(s) is Dark when corresponding frequency band(s) amplified signal output power does not reach lighting threshold. Usually output power ≤ 10dBm. This means the corresponding frequency band(s) works at small power output state. The LED(s) lighting in Green means that the corresponding frequency band(s) amplified signal output power reaches lighting threshold. The corresponding frequency band(s) works in good amplification state. The LED(s) lighting in Red or Orange means that the corresponding frequency band(s) amplified signal output power reaches the maximum. The corresponding frequency band(s) works in best amplification state.


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Ben W. Verified Customer2024/01/24
I live in a remote area where mobile phone service is marginal. After installing this unit, it enhanced the signal to 5 bars and enables us to use mobile internet.
    Billie Baker Verified Customer2024/01/15
    Best investment ever! We bought it out of frustration due to dropped calls and poor signal. My husband works remotely, and we used to have dropped calls all the time. Purchasing it was the best decision. Today, I can call my grandchildren, who are far and even have facetime. Thanks!
      Max Lewis Verified Customer2024/01/07
      Although I doubted whether it would work, I had no alternative but to try it. I made sure to follow the installation instructions. When I powered it up, Surprisingly, it really worked. I got a mobile signal and a strong one for that matter. Since then, I have never missed a call.
        Ethan Morris Verified Customer2024/01/01
        We live in a rural area where everyone struggles to get any cell service. This unit boosted my signal, and I now have robust service everywhere in the house, with unlimited data, and I still get to enjoy fantastic data speeds.
          Muhammad Thomas Verified Customer2023/12/23
          From no signal before installing the amplifier, we now have GSM and 3G and can use mobile internet on our devices and makes calls without having bad signal.