4G Booster Comes to You Poor Signal’s Rescue

4G Booster Comes to You Poor Signal’s Rescue

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All of us one time or the other has experienced bad connection and dropped calls. Isn’t that the absolute worst when right in the middle of an urgent call, your signal disappears somewhere? Or when you have to send a message or a picture, and it just takes forever to upload and send it. By the time the person receives your photo, it’s yesterday’s news.  

Fortunately, there is a solution for this disaster of a network – a 4G signal booster. Once you purchase and install your 4G booster, you can say goodbye to all your network troubles, and enjoy the uninterrupted connection and perfect call and data internet quality. No more wasted minutes on upload/download and constant buffering, which makes it impossible to watch even a short video clip.  

4G signal booster is easy to install and even more comfortable to operate. No professional or technical knowledge is required. You can do it with your best mate or even alone.

Your 4G mobile booster comes with a detailed installation kit and an instruction manual for your convenience. Follow all the step-by-step directions, and after about 15 minutes, vualá! Your 4G repeater is all set up, and you no longer need to look for the signal “sweet spot”. 

Here are the items that you can find in the 4G signal amplifier’s box – outdoor antenna, indoor antenna, 4G signal booster unit, power adapter, and two cables, 5 and 15 meters long. 

To install your 4G booster, all you need to do is find the spot with the best signal reception, and place your outdoor antenna as close as possible, if not in that exact spot. What you do next is connect the indoor 4G antenna booster with the outdoor antenna with the long cable and the indoor antenna with the short wire to that same 4G amplifier. The last step is to plug in your 4G repeater, and you are all set. 

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