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5 Ways to Solve Weak Mobile Reception in Australia

Over 87% of Australians (23.6 million people) now own a mobile phone and that number is on the rise. Looking at all the latest data, it won’t be long until everyone in Australia owns a mobile phone.


Mobile phones are supposed to be here to make our lives easier and safer in the event of an emergency but for some people that’s not the case…


The quality of mobile reception can be an issue in some parts of Australia, particularly in rural and remote communities. If your mobile device has bad reception, you might have trouble making calls, sending texts, or getting online. When your mobile phone is your only means of communication at work or at home, this can be frustrating and cause huge amounts of stress.


The most common causes of bad reception in Australia are the same as the rest of the world but because it’s so big, they can often seem worse here than anywhere else. Here are the most common problems:

  • Being too far away from the nearest cell tower.
  • Having too many physical obstructions between you and your nearest cell tower.
  • The amount of devices receiving signal from the same tower.
  • Increases in cell usage such as an important broadcast or sporting event.
  • Bad weather conditions.

It sounds like a lot but all hope is not lost…


There are things you can do right now that can help improve the quality of your signal to make your mobile phone a lot more reliable than it is now. Some of these fixes are quick, short term fixes to help improve your situation immediately and hopefully reduce your stress a little. The other options are long-term solutions that will get rid of your signal problem for good so you can start enjoying your mobile instead of dreading every missed call and message.

Here are 5 ways you can improve your mobile phone reception.


1. Use a mobile signal booster.

You might not have heard about signal boosters but the only surefire way to guarantee an improvement in the performance of your phone is with a mobile signal booster.


Boosters can increase the quality and clarity of voice calls, improve the speed and consistency of text messages, and improve the quality of your internet connection on 4G and 5G.


A mobile signal booster is a device you can install in your home that boosts phone reception and improves mobile signal strength, providing an immediate improvement to both signal strength and reception.

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They work by capturing the existing mobile signal and boosting it so your phone can connect more easily.

There is a range of devices available to help with different kinds of issues. There are mobile signal boosters that help improve reception at home, the office, in hotels, even your boat or car. You can also find mobile signal boosters specific for the size of your property and ones that are more effective with a certain network. There are signal boosters available for all operators throughout Australia.


It’s very important you get the right one to fit your needs and lifestyle, especially if you live in a rural area. To learn more about boosting cell phone signals in rural Australia and finding the perfect mobile signal booster for your specific situation, check out our comprehensive article on boosting cell phone signals in rural Australia. There are many providers selling inferior quality products. To ensure you get the right one, make sure you buy yours from a trusted vendor.


A trusted mobile signal booster provider like Signal Boosters Australia has over 17,500 customer reviews and has been providing signal boosters for almost 2 decades. They also have experts on hand to make sure you choose the one that is right for you and they can talk you through the simple DIY installation process.


They also have the expertise to help you identify what is causing your bad signal and how you can boost your mobile signal at home. If you are looking for a permanent and effective way to boost phone signal at home, a mobile signal booster is by far the best option available to you.

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2. Make sure your phone is fully charged.

If you live in an area that you know has poor reception, your phone has to work harder to keep you connected. The harder your phone has to work, the quicker it drains the battery affecting your ability to maintain a strong and consistent signal. It’s also important to note that even with the advances in technology, mobile phone batteries do not last forever. After daily charging, the battery can become weakened meaning it needs to be charged more often to maintain the same level of performance.


Make sure you pay attention to your battery and don’t let it get any lower than 50% in areas with poor signal.


It’s also a good idea to close any background apps in your settings. Some of them work passively in the background and can drain your battery without you realising it. If you are making a long journey or you know you are not going to be able to charge your phone for a while, you can also switch it to aeroplane mode.


Aeroplane made will conserve your battery until you can find somewhere to charge it. Some people also notice an improvement in their reception after leaving aeroplane mode.

3. Try holding your phone a different way.

According to UK PC magazine the way you hold your mobile phone could be affecting your signal. Mobile signal issues are often caused by a physical barrier between the tower and the phone. These physical barriers can take several forms including building and natural barriers like trees and mountains but we rarely think of our hands as barriers.


Holding your phone in a certain way might be preventing the signal reaching the internal antenna inside your phone. The best way to test if your hand is causing bad signal is to hold up your phone with 2 fingers and see if that impacts the number of bars you’re getting. A simple change like this might help to improve your mobile phone signal enough to help you get by.

4. Switch to WIFI whenever you can.

This should be obvious but is often easy to forget. Most cafes, restaurants and public places have WIFI now. Wherever possible you should try and connect to the available WIFI networks. When you are connected to WIFI you can use free third-party apps to send messages, call, and stream through the internet instead of relying on your mobile signal.


This does come with a word of warning though. Make sure you never do anything private or personal such as logging into your banking app in a public place. Public WIFI networks are more vulnerable to cyber attacks and hacking.

5. Consider upgrading your phone or changing provider.

Not all network providers are created equal. Some networks work better in other areas than others. If you find that you are not getting the signal you need, it might be worth investigating another network provider. While this sounds like a fairly simple fix on the surface, it can be quite challenging to change even if you suffer from bad signal. Often mobile phones come with contracts that can lock you in for 6, 12, or even 24 months making it difficult to change providers.


It is also worth considering changing your mobile handset. Networks are updated every few years with new frequencies. Older phones may not be able to connect to the newest, even on 5G.


So far, this problem mainly occurs on Telstra, which has expanded its coverage using recently purchased frequencies but it can occur on other networks too.

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Final Thoughts


There are a number of ways to improve your mobile phone signal.

  • Making sure your phone is fully charged.
  • Holding your phone a different way.
  • Switching to WIFI to use internet-based calling and texting apps.
  • Upgrading your phone or switching providers.

But there is only one that will permanently fix your signal for good and that’s a mobile signal booster.

Mobile signal boosters such as the 5-star rated boosters from Signal Boosters Australia will solve your bad signal problems for good. If you are ready to boost your mobile phone reception for good and banish bad signals, then a mobile phone booster is the only real answer.

Their easy-to-use website will help you find the perfect solution for your specific needs by asking a few basic questions.  

  1. Where do you have a bad signal and where do you want to boost it?
  2. How weak is the signal now?
  3. What service are you looking to boost 2G, 3G, or 4G?
  4. Who is your current network provider? 

With this information, you will be able to effortlessly find the signal booster that’s right for you and if for any reason you still can’t find the right one, simply contact customer services and they will find it for you. 

If you are ready to boost your mobile phone reception for good and banish bad signals, then a mobile phone booster is the only real answer. 

You can find out more about mobile phone boosters and make sure you get the right one for you by clicking the link below.



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A repeater will boost the signal for multiple phones, it will not connect through wires to your mobile device, it will instead transmit the signal wirelessly, On the other hand, a booster will boost the signal to a single phone and it needs to be connected by wires.
The boosters are designed to cover an indoor area if they do not have isolation they will not work. So the boosters will not work in an outdoor area. It can only keep the signal between walls and a closed area
A standard kit includes only one internal antenna. However, each kit can have up to 4 internal antennas added to them, and a 5 band kit can get up to 5 internal antennas. All this depends on the model.
The whole installation process is quite easy, almost all our customers set the product up themselves, and of course, we have 24/7 support that will help you set up the product. There are installation guides provided as well, it will take a maximum of one hour to fit the product. Once the external antenna is adjusted and the cables are connected all you have to do is to plug the product and be done with the signal loss and dropped calls.
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