Delivery Terms

Our customers are important to us, and that is why we want you to have the best and fastest service possible. In order to achieve this, we cooperate with the fastest, reliable and leading carriers that ship our products with affordable shipping prices according to high standards of shipping service.

Our current carriers are DHL, TNT, Royal Mail, Fed Ex and EMS. In order to make the delivery faster, we deliver our products directly from the manufacturing facilities.

The delivery period ranges between 9-11 business days; however, for specific locations, it can range between 12-15 business days. When the product is shipped out, the customers will be provided with an email from the company that enables them to track the package.

If you order the product before 09:00 AM Australian Central Standard Time (ACST, UTC+09:30), then the product will be shipped out on the same day. The delivery fee is incorporated into the product price.

In case the product is damaged, the client must open a case with the carrier companies like FedEx and DHL.

Important Notice:

Australia Mobile Boosters operates according to international standards of delivery procedures. It provides its customers with the necessary means for tracking the package through the shipping company, including a trace number and regular updates on the delivery period. Since Australia Mobile Boosters does not have direct control over the shipment process once the product ships out, we will continuously update on possible delays and international transit issues. Regarding the return of the product, customers are not required to cover the export expenses. To find out more about regulations, please click here.

The cooperation between the Australia Mobile Boosters company representatives and the bank can affect the delivery speed. The product will be shipped out considerably faster provided that the terms for the procedures are agreed to on both sides. Upon confirmation of the payment, the process of shipping out the product is organized.


Attention - From January 2024, all custom orders recommended by our agents require at least 7 days processing time. Custom orders are designed to operate under extremely weak signal conditions. We carefully test the product through a series of stress tests. Once we verify that the signal solution may operate under a weak signal or boost large buildings, we ship it to the customer, keeping our promise of a 1-week time frame. Please note that these orders are dispatched from the main Hong Kong warehouse and may also require about 3-4 days of clearance time.

Customers will not face any issues with product clearance or taxes as we take all responsibilities.